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A " large femme " is a femme lesbian on steroid drugs. If a femme is actually someone that loves to wear dresses and lipstick, a "high femme" is somebody who physical lives in clothes and lip stick. A high femme is stimilar to a lip stick lesbian or a cosmetic lesbian—taking proper care of themselves is the regular work. They reside for elaborate cosmetic routines, brand-new make-up releases, and anything that consists of an excellent pampering.
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A "high femme" is actually an uber-feminine lesbian which life to pamper on their own. They like makeup products, never skip a mani/pedi, as well as have a 28-step cosmetic routine.

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Exactly what do high femmes seem like?

High femmes tend to have a feminine-leaning style or electricity. They might use a flannel, nonetheless're going to wrap it into a crop very top. They are the other of " butch " lesbians, which will be more mascuine-leaning within vibes. Tall femmes very own Doc Martens even so they're thoroughly clean af. They camp along with you, nevertheless they'll be residing at an Airbnb whilst you make the tent. High Femmes will make you love them while adding that compound exfoliation for the first time.

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Per some meanings , high femmes are more passive in bed, but we think that's an out-of-date view. Today, it really is usual for high femmes are surfaces or dommes . As they often set really with an enjoyable chapstick lesbian or butch or stud , that's not to express two-high femmes won't date — it can simply take them forever to ready.